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Media Release | Snow Medical Launch


10 December 2019


New medical foundation invests in tomorrow’s biomedical research leaders

The Snow Medical Research Foundation hopes to accelerate medical breakthroughs

In an Australian first, the Snow Medical Research Foundation (Snow Medical), is looking to fuel a new wave of medical innovation by providing generous, long-term funding and leadership support to outstanding researchers and their teams.

The newly established Snow Medical Research Foundation is the creation of Canberra’s Snow family and is a vision of businessman and philanthropist, Terry Snow. It was established to create a new, powerful stream of funding to develop the next generation of exceptional, visionary, biomedical research leaders.

“The high quality of Australia’s biomedical research is recognised globally, however we know that for even the best researchers significant and long-term sustainable funding is needed to keep us globally competitive,” says Terry Snow, Founder of Snow Medical. “We cannot let great researchers go elsewhere or have their work fail because there’s just not enough investment.”

The first major initiative of Snow Medical Research is to invest in outstanding teams that will drive the future of Australia’s highly skilled economy, through the Snow Fellowships. These awards will give emerging research leaders the independence to focus on their research, build their research team, and establish leadership experience. Each Snow Fellowship will be valued at up to $8 million over eight years. Fellowship funding will be available to set up and operate a research laboratory and will provide salaries for the Snow Fellow and post-doctoral researchers, PhD student scholarship top-ups, technical and laboratory management support, project funds and leadership development.

“Snow Medical’s fellowships are the first of their kind in Australia, providing unprecedented support for mid-career researchers and their teams, as they achieve local and global impact across a wide array of fields. We are supporting the next generation of biomedical research leaders across various organisations, industry and government so they will bring outstanding, new discoveries, policy and commercial innovations to fruition,” says Tom Snow, Chair of Snow Medical.

Snow Fellows and their teams will also have access to training in leadership and management, and policy, entrepreneurship and engagement support.

“Success in business comes from seeing opportunities, and working hard to achieve new ideas and innovation,” says Mr Snow. “We are looking for researchers who have that spirit and the drive in their respective fields. We want to support people who are making significant discoveries and big contributions to health across society.”

“It is a bold program, and we are looking to attract and develop exceptional, bold researcher leaders of the future.”

The first round of funding will begin in 2020.


Please join us at 2:30 pm on Tuesday 10 December at the Megaplinth in the main terminal of Canberra Airport for the launch of the foundation. Both Terry and Tom Snow will be available for interviews about Snow Medical Research and Fellowships.

Please email Melissa Evans at m.evans@canberraairport.com.au or call 0455 22 77 11 with any questions or to RSVP.

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