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27 August 2020


Oxford University and UQ coronavirus vaccines have major differences — and first past the post may not be the winner

By the Specialist Reporting Team’s Nick Sas


The Prime Minister was everywhere.

In full force in front of the brightly lit breakfast TV cameras, Scott Morrison last week proudly announced the Federal Government’s “letter of intent” with Oxford University and UK-based biomedical company AstraZeneca, a deal which would supply the Australian public with 25 million free doses of its vaccine candidate, if it got up.

So when the news arrived this week that early results from the University of Queensland — labelled by some as the “Australian vaccine” — indicated its candidate was safe and “likely to provide protection” against COVID-19, there was elation — albeit accompanied by confusion.

First question: didn’t we go all-in on a deal with Oxford?

The simple answer is no.

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